The solutions we offer are made of multi-purpose PA66, one of the most durable and thoughest man-made polymers known. Our products have high tensile and tear strength while maintaining low surface weights. They also offer superior heat resistance with a melting temperature around 260ºC. They are preferred in many industries and applications throughout the world that require high and constant quality. In addition, their excellent compatibility with adhesive and resin systems makes this nylon-based product line an excellent component for laminate and composite systems.

Our Nylon 6,6 nonwoven fabrics obtained by processing continuous filaments, thanks to their characteristics of being produced with various filament geometries, bonding technologies and polymer additives, help you achieve the highest performance you aim for in many aspects.

Fields of Application:

  • Pultrusion
  • RTM / Pre-preg
  • Continuous Lamination

Properties and Advantages:

  • High tensile and tear strength even at low surface weights
  • Extreme thermal stability and high melting points
  • Affinity to resins
  • Excellence in uniformity and high quality applications
  • Reduction in fiber exposure
  • Superior surface exposure
  • Extended product life
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Resistance to most chemicals, solvents, alkalis and acids
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